LEONI Photovoltaic (PV) Junction Box (JB)

For electrical connection of horizontal ribbon conductors on thin-film and crystalline PV modules.

Different requirements of our customers, means customized solutions for PV Junction Boxes. We have put together a comprehensive portfolio of customer-specific and universally usable solutions. Our wide array of products ranges from standard solutions to automatable options. We have developed innovative concepts for our PV module connection such as leadframe, double glass, bi-facial and smart technology and these have become firmly established in the market. Thanks also to the knowledge of PV Cables and PV Connectors, we are able to acquire in the course of our partnerships with our customers and also able to anticipate future market requirements and offer the appropriate solutions.

LEONI PV JB are designed for a quick and easy installation, enables a fully-automatic process which accelerates the production of photovoltaic modules as well as for a manual assembly, where significant optimizations can be realised. The low profile construction of the box allows it to be installed directly under the module frame. Ribbon termination is achieved by welding, soldering, or, optionally, by terminal clips.

As one of the world’s leading companies in the field of PV connection technology we have a suitable solution for every customer.


BETAsolar® PV connection system



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